Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Very Talented Lion

woman attacked by
machete wielding lion
most lions use claws

Here is the article that inspired this poem:

Woman riding a donkey fights off lion with machete

ACAPULCO, Mexico -- A Mexican woman said she fought a 500-pound lion with a machete near the resort city of Acapulco and scared him away. Celsa Aleman said she and her 7-year-old niece were riding a donkey Monday along a road when the lion went after the animal's legs.

The 35-year-old woman says she found the courage to fight the lion because she thought it would attack her niece. She hit the animal with a machete until the beast ran away. Aleman and her niece were unharmed.

The state government said in a statement that the lion had escaped from a private zoo owned by a former local congressman.

It said the animal killed two dogs and ate a pig before it was sedated and taken back to the zoo.

I'm glad the woman and her niece are ok, but honestly, doesn't anyone at AP read over these things before they put them out?

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